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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hair's a New Story for Ya

I buy cosmetics and hair products like just buy shoes. I'm all about my bump. My theory is the higher my bump, the closer I am to God (oh settle down, I'm kidding... kind of). I have only had one hair stylist who I felt comfortable telling her... "My hair is in your hands, do with it what you wish" and she has never disappointed me. The other day she sent me a text about a new product she wanted me to try. She dropped it by the house this evening and promised I would be amazed with the results. Typically I shampoo, condition, add volunteer, and root booster while styling. In addition, I also use various spray and goop to get the height I want at my crown. Tonight I used the three products she gave me. While I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair I noticed it felt different.... Cleaner even though I had used only a small amount. I conditioned and then I waffled about not using any styling products. I usually have to use several things to give me the lift and shine I want. Then I decided to give it a whirl and just style my hair sans additional products. I dried my hair and was pleased with how great it smelled. After my hair was dry, I began to straighten it. I usually use several things to protect my hair from further damage from the straightener, but tonight I went at it like the Nike commercial says... And just did it. Honestly, the straightener went through my hair like butter (not that I know what butter going through my hair feels like, but this is how I imagine it would feel), it felt like I was using a brand new straightener. I'm not kidding even a tad. I picked up my phone and told her to immediately place my order. When I finished styling, my crown had plenty of volume without me using any spray or teasing. I'm not a salesperson, but when I find a product that makes instant improvement to the look and feel of my hair, consider me sold. If you are tired of using tons of product, and tired of having damaged hair, this is a product I highly recommend, which is something I have never done. Text me if you are interested and you can try it for yourself.

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