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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Worst Things

Yes, as a matter of fact there are worst things than having a F-Birthday that ends in a zero. As bad as I dreaded it, it was as good as it could possibly be. A)I was on a cruise with the best people on earth B)The name of our ship WASN'T the Triumph C)I was surrounded not only by beautiful people, but also beautiful fish as I snorkeled the day away in paradise. When the alarm went off this morning the stark reality hit that I was home. Three meals were all I could hope
for and all three would have to be provided by myself. I had no hopes of a magical fairy coming in and cleaning my house every time I left to run out for something and last but certainly not least.... I had to face the music at work. Deep, Deep, sigh. The plan was maybe since I wasn't here, they would think I had enough celebration and they would ignore the dreaded F-Thing, 
and as I drove into the parking lot everything looked mild, calm, no flapping banners waving in the wind announcing my oldness. I slipped my key into the door and opened it ever so slightly. No black balloons, just twirly little F-word signs hanging above my desk. On my keyboard lay a caution cone also with the F-word and something about senior moments. A co-worker knowing my love of all thing Dr. Seuss had gotten me a little nic-knack for my desk and a Dr. Seuss card. The conference room directly behind my office was tastefully 
decorated (obviously by someone who had suffered the same F-birthday themselves)with white zebra print balloons and a festive F-word centerpiece. No cake defiled by black icing graced the table, just beautifully decorated cupcakes that were almost (almost not quite) too good to eat. Our Monday meeting was sweet, no over the hill jokes and some super cute cards. It really was the sweetest birthday I've ever had and one I will look back on with fond memories.... As long as my memory holds. So yes, there certainly are worse things
The proper way to ice an "F-Birthday" cupcake
 than having a F-Birthday that ends in a zero.

Cool card that also played the Queen's song

The crown is always a perfect accessory for any birthday

Mystery Flowers? Nope, I'm guessing one of my bosses who likes to do sweet things for the girls in the office is responsible for belated birthday/Valentine's flowers. All the girls got one, cause he's just a sweet guy.

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