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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Office Cruise Cartoon

I left a going away picture on the wipe off board in the conference room where we have our breaks. I knew the girls would miss me terribly, (I'm not conceited, I'm animated...There's a difference) so I left a little something to let them know I was thinking about them. In return they modified the picture showing just how well they understood the sometimes very scary thinking of Jackie.

Obviously they expected the worst to happen on our cruise. After all, I do have a tendency to have the unexpected take place, usually at my own making. Lucky for us, Murphy must have misread the itinerary and thought we were suppose to be on the Triumph which wasn't the case at all (thank God). This is a picture of my husband and friend in the lifeboat. The question really must be asked, why did they make it to the lifeboat and take off without Randy and I? Jump? Why the heck didn't they just wait for us? It would have been more accurate for my friend and I to be in the lifeboat telling them to jump, but hey, it's still cute.

They know me well. If I can't take my shoes, I'll go down with the ship and actually the weight of my shoes may have been what caused the notion we would go down in the first place. Neither one happened and I made it home with all my shoes and a cute little purse I picked up on the way.

My friend's husband (we work together)has what he likes to call "Rosacea", but we just like to call it "Making Randy Turn Red" which happens a lot! Apparently either Randy's "Rosacea" is really acting up in the picture, or he has a bad sunburn. Any interpretation you'd like to attach to it is fair game and any and all comments appreciated and will most likely be posted unless he gives me the look that makes me cry because he thinks... "You've crossed the line Jackie". If that's the case, I'll have someone else (like his wife) post any and all comments. Either way, anything that make his "Rosacea" flair up always makes those around him happy little campers and that's just the way things are.

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