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Friday, February 1, 2013

Baptism for Poinsettia?

Actually this view from the top makes it look much better
Just when you thought you'd heard the end of the Poinsettias saga, I show up with another post. As it turns out, Poinsettia care can be a slippery slope of unforgiveness. I think it's safe to say my Poinsettias is in the last stages of death by Jackie. In my defense, I did maintain it much longer than last year's, which only lasted a couple of days. Now we are down to the final 3 office Poinsettias, the other two fairing much better than mine, which seems hell bent on punishing me for watering it just a couple days late. Instead of just getting it over with and
giving up the ghost, this Poinsettias seems to have a Poinsettias vendetta to paint me as a sadistic killer of all things green. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I felt the object lesson of my Pastor's sermon last week,may have been directed at me. Even as say that, I can hear the little Gremlin on my shoulder (who is a humorless Gremlin) saying... "Not everything is about you Jackie." To which I reply.... "Shut up Gremlin, I was only kidding!" Anyway, Pastor has been doing a sermon series on "Becoming an Encourager". Sunday the Peace lilies that have graced the front of the stage during the series, seemed a little off. One Lilly stood perky and beautiful like it
had just came from the florist. The other Lilly looked like a Bloodhound with sagging eyes. and floppy ears. Before service, I mentioned to my husband how surprised I was that the plant remained on stage in such a state of neglect. It's a known fact around the church, Pastor has a keen eye for the tiniest of details. He can spot the slightest defect within seconds of walking into the sanctuary. Not that I ever tested the theory per se, but when I was on the praise team we would get a kick out of seeing how long it would take for him to notice something had been moved a smidge. To my knowledge, nothing ever missed his eye, so seeing the droopy Lilly caught me off guard.... seems like I wasn't the only one. A friend sat down and remarked about the over sight and later the inquiring minds that needed to know, had come to the conclusion the Lilly had to be a prop for the sermon... There could be no other explanation. It just so happens, they were right. During his sermon he pointed out how one plant seemed to flourish under encouragement and the one without, was wilting (that's when I kinda felt he stopped preaching and started meddling...again, just kidding). I turned around and told the friend sitting behind us, the sad Lilly reminded me of my office Poinsettias.... Not enough encouragement I suppose. Unlike the Lilly, my Poinsettias doesn't seem keen on responding to treatment, in fact I'm certain it is headed toward the bright light at the end of the tunnel and can hear the angel's chorus as I post. Personally I think it needs to listen to a sermon on forgiveness and possibly needs a baptism... and not the sprinkling kind of baptism, but a good old fashioned dunking baptism, pentecostal style in a lake.

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