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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Port #2 Freeport, Cancelled Excursion and Bathroom Enlightenment

Our next port was Freeport. Unfortunately, the sea was a little choppy causing our power snorkel excursion to be cancelled. We didn't see a second options that appealed to us, so I stuffed my disappointment into my pocket and put my big girl panties on and made the most of the great big ship. We played miniature golf, giant checkers, bean bag throw (which one of us almost won a 24 carat piece of ship, which was the prize, but that someone got knocked off his throne). I pretended to be the Queen of Sheba while relaxing on luxurious futons on the "Serenity Deck" (yes it is amazing they even let me on a deck named Serenity). In case you're wondering, I'm quite good at pretending to be the the Queen of Sheba. If that part ever pops
up at The Duncan Little Theater, I'm totally trying out for it. We took advantage of the empty hot tubs and packed a full day of fun and games and lots of laughing into what could have been a big disappointment. Occasionally, my friend and I would look at our our expressionless men (both very quiet, very low keyed) and asked if they we're having fun. Like two peas in a pod they would nod their heads with as little movement as possible and reply.... "Of course." My girlfriend and I tend to be exuberantly full of life, especially while on vacation. We try to encourage them to allow the joy we know they feel inside to bubble out to the outer rims of their faces, but it seldom ever does. I wonder if the thought ever occurred to them, that if they did let it bubble out, we would be
It's a Virgin Mary ya'll
so amazed, we might actually be a little less exuberant since we wouldn't feel like we were expressing the joy for all four of us... Just a little thought to mull around. Once, when we were getting up to go to the little girls room (something women feel they must always do together), we told them they could now talk amongst themselves, since they had hardly said two words all day. When we came back to the table they were laughing and yucking it up like a couple of teenage boys. They actually thought we really thought they were having a real conversation. We knew they had sat there with their cutest deadpan faces until they saw us walking up and then decided to put on a show of being a spectacle of joy and humor in our absence. Dudes, that was so lame, but we did appreciate the effort to amuse us just the same. And speaking
of bathrooms.... The bathrooms by the main dining room was scrunched together so you were squeezing into a tiny hall where the men's room door had to be passed to get to the women's room. This incident was purely accidental, due to the poor design of the whole set up, but just the same, curiosity took over and... Well, it is what it is. As we were squeezing through the hall, a man opened the door to the men's room...  To our credit, there really was no where else to look... and since we are both of the curious nature, we paused maybe a tad longer than necessary to get to where we were going.  We were just curious about the camaraderie men have with each other while doing their business. When we came out we told our guys what we had seen, which was nothing at all. No talking, no complimenting
each other on their cute outfits, no helping each other get a hair back in place or making sure a whisker wasn't going awry. They just looked at us like we had lost our minds. We told them how the men were all quiet, standing with heads up, eyes straight ahead and absolutely no conversing at all. They couldn't really give us a reason for the silence, except that men just want to get it done and get out. Things are so different in the ladies room. We compliment each other, tell each other if we have a smudge or a hair out of place. We'll even reach over and un-tuck a skirt if it's gotten caught in someones panties. We help each other out so when we come out of the bathroom we know all is well with the world. That particular night I was lamenting that if I could have any "work done" I would get a nose job, because the bulb at the end of my nose is just ugly. The ladies all took a look and came to the consensus there was nothing wrong with my nose (although I still disagree, but at least they put their two cents in). What is up with guys? Why are they afraid to assist and discuss the important things in life while using the bathroom? Heck, we pass stuff underneath the stalls to each other. It's all good, there's nothing to be afraid of. Men are just so weird about some things. Anyway, it was a great day, wouldn't have changed a thing.... Well, maybe one things, but I'll just keep that to myself.

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