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Friday, February 8, 2013

Just the Way We Roll

My room was covered in clothes. I had put off planning and packing until I couldn't put it off any longer. Dresses, shorts, tops, covered the bed and 10 pairs of heels and a couple of pairs of flip flops covered the floor. Oh boy! Okay, it shouldn't be this difficult to pack for vacation. The thing that was throwing my mojo off was the two "Formal Nights". Although my son had gotten married this last summer, I didn't wear a "Formal" dress. It was an outdoor wedding and leaned more toward the casual. It's not that I don't have dresses, but nothing of the formal nature.  Well, there was that one dress, but sadly my armpits seemed to have grown since I last wore it. Who even knew a
person's armpits grew (eye roll)?? Then there was the dress I found dirt cheap at Dillard's last year and bought it with no occasion in mind. I wasn't crazy about the dress now, but at the time it seemed like a steal and well, I think there is a state law that requires any woman who finds a bargain on a dress they even semi-like, to buy it least they be penalized by the... "Oh I wish I would have bought that dress" for the rest of their lives.  Besides, I had worn it for Halloween when I dressed as Miss Understood. Now, I just couldn't get enthused about wearing my Halloween costume and I certainly couldn't see myself saying.... "Yeah, I wore my
Halloween costume to the Formal night on our cruise." So, back in the closet it went. Since I didn't have a sparkly beaded formal I decided the next best thing was to throw all my sparkle into my footwear which luckily I have plenty of. After much digging, sorting and throwing things in... "just in case" I think I was sort of done (as much as a woman is ever done). I collapsed on the bed and texted my friend the good news. I was actually kind of proud of myself. I had narrowed it down to one garment bag, one suitcase for odds and ends and essentials and most important of all.... one suitcase (shoecase) completely packed with high heels... I do love my shoes! My friend texted me later saying she felt she might have a clothes and shoe hoarding problem. No way Babe, you're just a normal woman. Between the two of us we'll have enough clothes not only to go on a cruise, but to possibly live on the ship a lifetime. Not a bad idea in my opinion. Our men could probably share a duffel bag between them.  The Girls taking too many clothes???? Not even possible. What can I say.... That's just the way we roll.

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