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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jackie Speak is Now an Official Language

I often find myself without the right word for something. I didn't notice how much this happens until we were traveling with a group of people years ago and one of the women laughed every time I said.... "thingie".... She laughed a lot on that trip. Thingie is my word of choice for just about everything that my mind can't immediately explain. Last night I was ordering at Taco Tico and I couldn't think of the name of the chip things with Cinnamon/sugar stuff so I told the guy.... "Oh, you know those chip thingies?" Hmm... "Ma'am, would you mean Cinnamon Crustos?"... "Yeah, that's it" I told
Proper Jackie speak would read "The Bridge Thingie"
him. When we were on the cruise, our friends asked me if I had read the sign that was on the wall beside our cabin. I hadn't paid any attention to it, because that would mean I had slowed down long enough to read it and because it looked like instructions of some type, which I definitely hate to bother with (well, until I have no choice and then it's usually not how to do it, but how to repair it because I didn't read the instructions to begin with). When my husband and I went back to the cabin we stopped to read the sign. My husband turned to me and said.... "Oh, Jac, you have to take a picture of that." So, I did. I guess it's official... Jackie speak is now the official language used by Carnival Cruise Lines.... Shouldn't I be getting some kind of royalty off this?

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