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Friday, February 1, 2013

Going Green

My oldest son and his wife are always encouraging me to "Go Green" and to live a healthier lifestyle. I'm not totally opposed to going green, I just think it take a lot of deliberate attention and I'm hardly ever deliberate and seldom pay attention to anything (other than a 3 inch heels). But when my son starts talking about taking away my processed food and refined sugar... Well, I have to draw a line in the sand. I may be wishie washie about some things, but my processed food and refined sugar is not one of them. The two of them live what I think you call a Minimalist lifestyle, and I do admire them for doing so. Minimal just isn't a exactly part of my vocabulary. I know my husband wishes it were, but it's not something I care about being up close and personal with. A little part of me thinks the Minimalist lifestyle is just a way to justify wearing flip flops all year around, which I'm totally in favor of anyway. After all, I'm the mom who allowed him to play in the snow barefoot... That is until a neighbor called me being all judgy and holier than thou and I made him come in and put shoes on. Oh now stop it! I didn't know he was barefoot until she called. What mother in her right mind would allow a 5 year old to play in the snow barefoot? Give me some credit... He made it to adulthood, we're good. My daughter-in-law posted the following link to my Facebook page.

Kat: Saw this and thought, "if anyone can get momma Jackie to go green, it would be someone who calls them self the Glamorganic Goddess";) haha  hhtp://

I clicked on the link and let me just say... I love this chicks blog page, I think it's about time I change mine... It needs more bling. The post I read was about a steam facial using tea. Okay, that sounds good and I totally have my own tips I think are worth mentioning here....

Me: BTW, I use Elmer's Wood Glue as a facial mask... Does that count as being green? It's not natural, but it does have the word "Wood" in the name so I'm pretty sure I should get 2 points... (1) for the name and (1) for multi-tasking a common household product... Oh, and I totally forgot that I used Elizabeth Arden Green Tea stuff so actually I have 3 points.

Kat: Yes!!! You go momma!!! Hahahahah

(Is she laughing at me or is she laughing with me... hard to tell) I multi-task a lot of things, although I'm not sure it makes them green. For example I keep a bottle of cling on toilet
cleaner by my kitchen sink. I just squirt it on and let it cling all night long, but since it has bleach in it, it might not be considered green although I think it's a pretty handy idea. My daughter tells me it's kind of gross though, because if someone just glances at my sink and sees a bottle of toilet cleaner sitting next to my dish soap, they might not realize that it's not the same bottle they may have seen in the bathroom, and I guess if you're a germaphobe that would be a cross-contamination thing. But, if you ever come to my house and see a bottle of toilet cleaner by my kitchen sink, I don't cross-contaminate my sink
cleaner... Each room has it's own bottle. Also, I've found Orange Oil on hardwood floors, works better than flea spray if you get fleas inside. Oh, and I totally keep a box under my desk that is for discarded paper, junk mail and catalogs and when the box gets full, I take it to the back and shred it and I suppose if someone wanted to take it home and put it in their compost thingie, they are totally welcome to. Personally, if I were a teenager, I think I'd rather use it to punk someones yard (not that I've ever done that). It would be less messy than using the Styrofoam beans out of your beanbag, which I'm sure get all staticy and want to cling to your person and are hard to get out of your car if you spilled them... Not that I have any knowledge of such things.... Just sayin. So, I may not be a full blooded tree hugger, but that's like 6 green points for me. However, if you factor in the whole Poinsettia fiasco, it probably nullifies those self-awarded points and brings me back to 0. Dang that plant!

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