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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Look My Way Dude

I find the study of body language and handwriting analysis fascinating. I've read books on both and it intrigues me. I do think both have their limitations, but maybe that's just for the casual observer like myself. One time I was in a situation where I was standing with my arms wrapped around my waist like I was hugging myself. A friend walked up and inquired about a situation I was going through and when I was slow to respond she backed off and said she could read my body language and understood that I didn't want to talk to her. She left without giving me the chance to tell her I wasn't closing myself off from her, but rather I just didn't know what to do with my arms so I wrapped them around my waist. It wasn't personal, it was just me being awkward. In the body language books, they talk about what looking up to the right, looking up to the left, or looking down in a conversation indicates. If you've ever had a conversation with me, I'm sure  you've noticed I look up and around a lot. I'm not being deceitful, or searching for words (trust me I have a ton of words on the tip of my tongue) I'm just trying to control my eyes. 
Many moons ago my husband and I were in a play at church. They filmed our last rehearsal; when I watched myself, I wanted to crawl under the pew!!!! I rolled my eyes uncontrollably. Mom always called me an eye roller, but I never realized the extent of my eye rolling until I got a glimpse of it....  It wasn't pretty. Since then, I've attempted to tame my eye rolling. Easier said then done. When I find myself about to roll my eyes, I'll stop them where they're at which I know makes me look like I'm pondering, or thinking when what I'm really trying to do is tame my eyes. Anyway, the other day I went into a local facility to check into their services and membership. When I knocked on the door a guy with really wet looking hair opened the door. I say his hair was wet, but I'm not sure it actually was, it may be that he was working his way into dreadlocks, but just hadn't got there yet. When he opened the door he never looked up, never made eye
contact, in fact he just opened the door and then walked back into his office with his head down. Not knowing what to do, I followed him and heard him mumble.... "What can I do for you?" We were standing in his office as I explained what I needed. As I explained, he kept his head down and moved stuff around his office (in a very busy kinda way), never looking up, never making eye contact. He answered my questions and I was ready to leave when he asked if I'd like to take a look at the facility. I followed him into another part of the building and by following I mean, he was approximately 5 to 7 feet in front of me as I practically ran in my high heels after him. He took me through the various rooms, explaining things to me, but never came close to looking toward me. We were standing side by side in a hallway as he explained one of the services they had. I glanced at him like you do when you're listening to someone and noticed how he stared straight ahead as he talked. I know he knew I was looking at him and he refused to look in my direction, which made me more curious and almost mad. I had the urge to grab his head and whip it around so he'd have to look at me. But, with Murphy being my cousin and all, I figured I wouldn't realize my own strength and end up breaking his neck which would have been difficult to explain to the police... "Well officer, I was just trying to get him to look at me." If it so happened that I didn't break his neck, I was afraid the move would come across more aggressive and off-putting, making me look like the weird one. I told my husband about the encounter and he agreed it was odd and suggested I check out other businesses before signing an agreement or contract. As I thought about it later, I had an overwhelming desire to look him up on America's Most Wanted... But then again, I would need to know what he looked like. Then, my imagination took over the whole encounter. Within a matter of nano-seconds, my diagnosis of him ranged from being autistic to a serial killer looking for his next victim. That kind of impression can not be good for business... I'm just sayin.

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