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Friday, January 25, 2013

Hey, I Can Be Practical

Sometimes I forget to look in the mirror before leaving for work in the morning. It's a habit that I've come to regret on more than one occasion when half way through the day I find my clothes inside out or on backwards. Okay, sometimes I wear them backwards because they look better, but I never wear them inside out because they look better. This morning I put on a cardigan sweater with jeweled buttons with tube thingie underneath. I came in a little early, which turned out to be a good thing. I ordered my breakfast from the vending machine (Cheetos), sat down with my Dr. Pepper 10 and booted up my
computer. When I finished my Cheetos, I ran to the bathroom to wash the orange cheesy goodness off my fingers and looked in the mirror to discover a wardrobe malfunction. My cardigan was doing that stretchy thing that left gaping holes between the jeweled buttons. Being the practical person I am, I opted to not run home and change outfits, but rather, grabbed some T-pins to do a quick fix. As carefully as I could, I pinned my sweater from the inside which worked like a charm. The only problem with
my wardrobe repair was, I was afraid I'd move the wrong direction and puncture a lung or something.... Okay, so I was more concerned with the "or something" than I was with the lung. What to do, what to do? I opened my drawer and dug out a roll of packing tape. I taped over the pins and waa-laa, cardigan in place, no prickly pins poking my precious. I walked a little stiff until lunch so the packing tape wouldn't make a scrunching noise when I walked, but other than that, everything was "Right as rain". Who says I'm not practical???

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