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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Star is Born

 One of my greatest pleasures in life, is to watch the adventures and success of my children as well as their friends. When my daughter was in high school, she was in Reflections, the performance choir. Every spring and Christmas concert, the school auditorium would be packed with standing room only as students and family waited for what was always an amazing show. The choir director must have had a magic wand, because within two weeks from the start of school, he would have the rookies as well as the senior students honed with precision in singing and dancing.  The first time I saw my daughter singing and dancing on stage, I was stunned. She sang and twirled with a comfort and a grin I never imagined. The shows always highlighted solos from different students and the girl who quickly became an audience favorite was a blond Barbie doll of a girl named Laura. I'll never forget the first time I heard her sing Ava Maria, which isn't your average three chord song. She stood with confidence and belted out every note like she was born to sing that song.  Fast
forward 10 plus years. This weekend I joined my daughter in Oklahoma City for the EP release party for Laura Leighe. Clubs aren't my typical weekend habitat, but my daughter really wanted me to come, and I had been wanting to see Laura perform. My son joined us as we walked into the club early.  Immediately I saw her. She was a blond doll in a gold sequin jumpsuit. We were greeted with hugs, kisses and genuine appreciation to have us celebrate this big event with her.  As we waited for the evening to begin, we visited with friends and family who had shown up to support Laura.  Finally the lights dimmed, smokey fog filled the dance floor and lights and music filled the stage. Laura Leighe sang and danced her little heart, but instead of singing Ava Maria, her set was made up of mostly of self penned songs from her new EP. When she was a teenager, I used to tell her a day would come when I could say..... "I knew her when." Looks like today's the day. So proud of her and for her. You rock Laura Leighe, always have and always will.

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