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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Oldest Parents on the Block

I'm too old for this :-(
I walked in the house the other day and found this packet on the dining room table. I picked it up and went upstairs to my bedroom (hidie hole). I laid the packet on the dresser and kind of stared at it with maybe just a tad of disgust. This is it! This is the last time I'm going to thumb through high school graduation invitations and such and have heart palpitations because I have another chick about to fly the coup. Home movies played through my mind as I stared at the yet unopened packet. I replayed a conversation I had with my daughter during her graduation year....

Me: Looked  like most of your friends parents are kind of old

Aja: Yeah, they're the same age you're going to be when Caleb graduates.

Me: You could have gone the rest of your life without saying that

Aja: Well, it's true

Me: Well, we may be the oldest by then but we'll still be the coolest
Sweet in a "Don't touch me" kind of way

10 years later, we are definitely the oldest and most certainly not the coolest (although I think we are cooler than we are given credit for). At some time during the last almost 18 years, the lines around our eyes have deepened, and our cool factor just fell completely off. Now we endure eye rolls that scream.... "You guys are sooo old... Can I have gas money?" The other day my husband was telling my son that another one of his High School friends had passed away. This is the 4th friend he has lost this year. With complete seriousness my son asked him.... "What did he die from.... Like, just old age?" He wasn't even trying to smart off, he actually thought our friends are dropping like flies from old age! I would probably be more upset about having a Senior in High School, but I'm just too tired. After the a summer of teenage boy shenanigans, empty nest is sounding better and better. Not really, but there have been days.... Unlike my first two Seniors, this one doesn't see what all of the fuss is about. He thinks having Senior pictures taken is dumb.... "I don't really see the point" he tells me. I thought I might use the senior pictures as leverage to convince him to get a haircut, but he totally wasn't buying into that idea (fine, let him be forever frozen in time with long black hair wearing a toboggan). I can't see him wanting to participate in Project
Just wanna pinch those cheeks kinda sweet
No Shenanigans here
Graduation (not sure I could stay up all night anyway), and I'm almost certain he will nix my tradition of hosting a post prom backyard breakfast buffet, because he thinks proms are dumb. I guess I'll just zip my lip and not try to force him to be excited. My "Smile, we're making memories" line spoken from behind a camera worked better with the first two kids, now I just get a blank stare as he peeks through his black bangs and rolls his eyes at me. That's fine, that's just fine, I won't force the issue, I will however be more than happy to submit the childhood picture for the school's senior video (evil little grin). It will be the sweet one of him at age 3, barefoot in  little overalls sitting next to a giant rabbit. Yes, a picture taken back in the day when he didn't know he had the oldest parents on the block.

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