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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hop, Skip and a Jump

Love the quote and the slinky 

I played golf this weekend. I was anxious to try out the new driver I won at our company golf tournament. That puppy can drive a ball! I came to a crucial hole that involved water. I'm not sure what it is about golf and water, but my ball seems drawn to the water like I'm drawn to the shoe department of Dillard's. When I come to a water hole, I automatically swap my pretty sparkly pink ball for a beat up white-ish ball because I'm not fond of losing my sparkly balls to the watering hole. A friend who was playing with us, coached me on where the best placement of the ball would be (as if I have that much control!). He instructed me to land just this side of
My ball. Close but way off can be cool to watch
the waters edge instead of trying to hit it all the way over. Gotcha... Not a problem! "Just point me in the right direction and I'm there"... Maybe in Dillard's but not necessarily on the golf course. When I got the ball the to the waters edge I thought the chances of me getting from there to the green was slim to none, not because I'm not really good (snicker, snicker), but because the green was over the water and up the hill (piece of cake). I gave it the ole "take a whack of Weezer" try, sending the ball directly into the middle of the pond only to skip twice to the waters edge on the other side. My quote on my desk thingie this morning was "The best way out is always through". I'd have to disagree though because sometimes a hop, skip and a jump is way more fun to watch.

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