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Monday, September 24, 2012

Sugar Spun Wish is Granted

As a child, everything looks magical. Going to the circus and watching the lions, tigers and bears... Magical. Going to the fair, hearing the carnival ride music being drown out by squeals and screams... Magical. Snow cones, glow sticks and Cotton candy on a stick... Magical. If you're a lucky ducky everything will remain magical well past your childhood. This weekend our church had an evening in the park. The evening was filled with all things magical... Face painting, Kiddie Land rides, snow cones, popcorn, hot dogs and cotton candy. When I got an email asking for volunteers to help, I immediately volunteered for the cotton candy, I've always thought doing cotton candy looked like it would be
fun. My husband mused that allowing me to do the cotton candy would be like allowing Lucille Ball to do the conveyer belt in a chocolate factory...  He was correct. I twirled and swirled sticks of cotton candy like a champion cotton candier only stopping long enough for someone to give me a boost of energy by stuffing wads of cotton candy down my throat. We got a little silly when we hit a sugar slump, but we kept things hopping in the most interesting of ways. It's quite likely we won't be allowed to man the cotton candy booth next year. Co-volunteers tried, as much as possible, to keep me wiped down
and sticky free, but by the end of the night, the right side of my body was covered in Smurf blue cotton candy from my fingers to my head. My eyelashes, hair, neck, was nothing but a sweet treat and I had an overwhelming desire to lick myself clean as I listened to Jason Crabb rock the park, but that would have looked... Well, licking myself would have been weird. I was a walking cotton candy hazzard and as my friend said, I was able to check one more thing off of my bucket list. A childhood sugar spun wish had been granted and it was exactly as much fun as I expected it to be.

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