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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Handwriting is on the Wall

Fall=Fair.... State Fair that is. It had been 15 years or more since I'd been to the fair. In fact my youngest was in a stroller and he turns 18 next month. My daughter and I thought a day at the fair sounded like a fun family thing to do, so we made a day of it. When I think of the State Fair, I think of fall and sweaters, but as we stood in line for tickets, the idea of cool quickly slipped away. The couple in front of us had two blonde cuties in strollers. By the time we got our tickets, the poor kids faces were OU crimson (and that was before they lost to Kansas State). It was a beautiful day, but it wasn't "fallish" at all, so we headed for the buildings to keep cool. My husband has a Tempurpedic pillow, and we have always been curious as to what the bed would feel like. When we came across the bed display, the three of us hopped from one bed to the other, while trying not to think about the fact that they had been wallowed on by 1000's of sweaty bodies for two weeks... That is until we rolled onto one that had a big wet spot in the middle (great big ick factor here). The three of us tried to spring off the bed, but the mattress had sucked us up into it, till we had to fight our way out. That's how they sell those things, they make them so hard to get out of, you end up buying it and taking it home. Next we came across a 1950'ish looking wall, with the Wizard of Oz looking twinkling lights. For a mere $3.00 I could get a personalized handwriting analysis. I've always wanted to have my handwriting analyzed because I've always thought it was somewhat bi... or maybe even tri-polar, depending on my mood :-) This is the analysis vs. how things really are...

"You have great ambitions and aim for the top." Not so much. I'm more of a "shoot for the lower middle" kind of gal, that way I'm pleasantly surprised if I get any higher. I hate disappointment.

"You are a good judge of people but sometimes too critical." I would agree that I used to be more critical than I am now. The last couple of years has given me a new prespective on judging others. I'm probably still more critical than I should be, but I'm working on it.

"You usually let your heart rule your head." Not just usually, but always! I should probably work on that as well.

"You display your likes and dislikes with assurance." Not only do I display them, I outline them in flashing neon lights (not necessarily a good thing).

"You enjoy planning for the future." Let's just skip this one shall we?

"You are always willing to give a great deal of yourself." Actually this used to be extremely true.

"You have a talent for making the best of any situation." Accurate.

"With your strong will power you can reach any goal." Refer to point "1".

"You are reliable, honest and others depend on you." You can always rely on the fact that I'm more honest than I should be. Not everyone appreciates brutal honesty.

"You plan your moves efficiently to avoid wasting time and energy." Very true, especially when driving.

"You are intelligent and imaginative." Half accurate, you decide which half.

"You are quick to detect the slightest error." That's a little too broad for me know whether it's true or not... Refer to point "11"

"You are a lovable airhead." Is that a compliment??? I want my three bucks back.

I was a little disappointed the analysis wasn't more accurate. I  wanted to sign 13 different cards to see if the analysis came back the same with each one, or if I really am a Sybil.

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