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Monday, October 10, 2011

What Defines My Monday?

What defines my Monday? Here it is... When I wear my prissy black skirt to the office only to have a male co-worker point out later in the morning (pointing with one hand and other hand kind of covering his mouth, probably to stifle the laughter).... "Uh, hmm, turn around... You have a, no other side, uh, turn around....Uh, right there!"  Basically I'm turning in circles much like a dog chases it's tail, looking for something that he can't seem to spit out because... Well, it's on my butt. Of course I discover it's a big white fur ball located in the least desirable of areas. It's easy to say there is a great possibility that the day will continue to decline, but I could be wrong. Hey! It could happen.

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