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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Don't Ask Me Questions!!!

Be forewarned... Stepping up to the soap box now. There are things that people do every day that should be simple until someone else gets a bright idea and screws it up so it's no longer simple. For example, copy machines. When I go to make a copy, I just want a copy... I don't want to be asked a bunch of questions about it. This is when someone gets hurt, usually the copier. I went to make a copy yesterday, just a simple copy. Of course the copy gremlins who live in the copier, poked their heads out and said.... "Oh, it's Jac, let's mess with her." Really!? I'm all jacked up on Starbucks and you want to turn a simple task into madness on a Friday afternoon? No paper in the copier, no paper in the copy room. I trek back to my office, get paper and pull out what seemed like 15 drawers before I found the legal drawer. I filled the drawer with legal paper and shut the door. Simple, just a simple thing in office world. Then the little screen thingy lights up wanting to know if I wanted to accept the changes that were made??? Blah, Blah, Blah. My ADD prevents me from carefully reading all of the questions, so I just start hitting the most likely answers available. Which is exactly what I used to do in school when we had to take test that were multiple choice, the ones where you had to Carefully color in the little circle with your pencil. I was always terrified I was going to get outside the lines and the machine would spit my test out and send it to  my teacher telling her I was just too stupid to be helped. There's actually a mental picture of a machine spitting my paper out with smoke shooting out it's orifices (welcome to my somewhat twisted world). Copiers used to be simple... They either copied or they didn't, they didn't give you multiple choice questions to answer every time you used them. On my way back to my office I stopped by I.T. to rant just a little (he always smiles when he sees me coming and he usually asks me "What have you done now"). I told him how much I hated machines asking me questions. Come to find out, he feels exactly the same way... JUST MAKE THE COPY! Just because it's technically possible to make copiers that are smarter than the people using them, doesn't mean it's a good idea. Just keep it simple!

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