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Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Just Love Saying "Great Job!!!!!"

Sadly we live in an entitlement society. We've become complacent to mediocre, it's just the norm now. The only way we can make a difference is to be the difference and to demand businesses provide a different standard than the norm. When I buy groceries I've learned that I have plenty of time to read my kindle or a handy magazine, update my calender and send out a hello or two via text massaging. When it's my turn to check out, I've learned that I have plenty of time to organize my groceries on the conveyor belt in a very un-Jac like OCD manner. Why do I have so much time on my hands while standing in the check out? Usually because whoever is doing the checking, is in no hurry to get the job done in order to help the next person and get them out the door. Maybe I'm just in too big of a hurry, but I've always believed time is money, whether it was mine or someone else's.  Yep, I've done my share of complaining. I've written letters to corporate offices about bad service and sub-par merchandise. In the last few years, I've completely changed tactics. I don't write complaint letters any more, I just read my kindle and send out my text messages and wait, wait, wait. On the rare occasion that I am pleasantly surprised by someones amazing amount of work ethic, I write down the date, time, name and check out lane where I experienced my pleasant surprise. I tell whoever is helping me that they have done a GREAT job and that I will be sure to let the management know how pleased I am with the service they have provided and the manner in which they provided it. When I get home I google the business, go to "Contact Us" and write a flowering email of praise, giving as much positive information I can about the person who provided the pleasant experience. Sometimes I even call the management personally (that usually shocks their socks off). I know (from my shopping experience) every business probably receives 1000 times more complaints than they ever do compliments. It's my calculation that an email praising a specific person for a job well done, might, just might encourage businesses to offer rewards to exceptional workers, even if it's nothing more than recognition. In my heart I believe it shouldn't take an incentive get someone to have a strong work ethic, but this is a different day, different society. I really do love the look on someones face when I tell them.... "You've done a great, fast, friendly job and I'm going to let your manager know." It usually seems like it's as much of a surprise to them to hear that as it is to me to get to say it and really mean it. Great Job!!!!

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