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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Name That Thang

Earlier in the week (who remembers what day), I walked out to the parking lot at work and noticed that someone had drawn something on the rear passengers side window. I cocked my head to one side, cocked my head to the other side and for the life of me I couldn't really determine exactly what it was suppose to represent. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I wondered if it was an obscene drawing, but since I couldn't really tell what it was I figured no one else would either. I made a mental note to self to wash it off when I got home. No big deal, probably just some silly kids. As the week wore on, I completely forgot about it. It was safely tucked into the La La Land files of my blonder than I pay to be memory (it's a very happy place to be). Last night we drove to the City to have dinner with the kids to celebrate the 17th birthday of my baby boy. On the way to the City my husband asked me what was on the back window. "I dunno, someone drew on my window with shoe polish." I told him. He wanted to know what it said, and I told him it didn't say anything,just a random drawing... Case closed.  When it was time to leave my daughter's apartment, she walked us out to the car. It was a beautiful fall night, just a tad on the nippy side. As we walked up to the car she asked.... "Mom, what's that on your car?" I told her the same thing I told my husband. When we got up to the car I said... "I don't even know what it's suppose to be."  As the three of them tilted their heads sideways, stared for a moment then all three exclaimed.... "OMG!!! Mother you have to get that off!" I said okay, "Why, what's it suppose to be?" When they told me, I guess it made a little more sense, but really it wasn't a very detailed drawing. Yeah, if you thought about it and looked at it long enough I guess you'd say it was inappropriate. I told them I'd wash the car tomorrow. "No! You can't drive around with that on your car! I'll go get something and take it off right now." My husband stared at me like I had intentionally been driving around with porn on my windows, my 17 acted like he wished the ground would just swallow him whole. Seriously.... At the speeds I drive and the way I zip in and out of traffic it's unlikely anyone would get enough of a glimpse to know what they were looking at. As for my family, if this were an ink blot test, I think a professional would say they have some serious repressed issues. Me? If this was a test, I'm pretty sure I flunked. I've just never been great at test taking, especially the "Name That Thang" kind.

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