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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday

Awe, my baby boy turns 17 today. He never seems very interested in his Birth Story, probably because it was just a stop, drop and he rolled right out kind of tale. My Mom and Dad had moved to Duncan by the time he came along and Mom got to be in the delivery room. Nana practically knocked the doctors and the nurses over in order to get her first up close and personal peek at her baby. The nurse finally had to move her aside so they could do all the things they do to babies which always seems unnecessarily harsh from a Mother's prospective.He was easy from the get-go. His sister and brother tell him he's the perfect child, and truly there never was an easier child to take care of. I think God knew it was best to save the easiest for last. Gosh I miss the days I used to cuddle him in my arms... Happy Birthday Caby Baby... Momma loves you! (See I put the Caby Baby at the very bottom of the blog and you know that your friends won't read this far and see my nick name for you.)

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