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Friday, October 14, 2011

Easy to Please

I used to feel bad about my lack of cell phone patience, I don't any more. I put getting a new cell phone right up there with root canals and pap smears, there are just A LOT of things I'd rather be doing than cell phone shopping (shoes, shoes, shoes). I tend to pick my cell phones out the same way I pick out my favorite football teams... By color schemes. Last time I got a new cell phone I didn't have the option of being choosy. I shattered the screen on my old one and my replacement service gave me what they wanted me to have, indestructible sans attractiveness. I hated that phone the minute I turned it on. The phone was a touch screen and my fingers were too fat to text anything correctly. I started having pretty bad body image issues shortly after receiving it in the mail. When it began freezing up more often than not, I decided to take it in to see if it could be fixed. My conversation went like this....

Me: My phone freezes up like every 2 seconds and I thought I'd see if you could fix it before I pound it into pieces.

Cell Phone Guy: Let me take a look at it

I hand it to him. He begins trying to punch the buttons but nothing happens, just.... nothing.

Cell Phone Guy: Oh yeah, I see what you're talking about, you must get really frustrated if it does this all day.

Me: Yeah, my doctor put me on Prozac.

Cell Phone Guy: Well this phone had so many kinks that they just scraped the phone. You're probably going to want to get a new one.

Me: Okay, I'll take that one, the one with the actual buttons.

Cell Phone Guy: You want to play with the new touch screen? It's way easier than the one you have.

Me: No, I just want this one, the one with buttons, I like buttons.

Cell Phone Guy: Well if you're sure about it...

Probably the easiest sale he's ever had. So he sets my phone up and sends me out of the door. I'm a happy little camper because I have buttons to push and a pretty little purple plaid cover.... I'm a girl who likes to push buttons. The next day I go back because I have some questions. The guy from yesterday wasn't there so I waited in line for someone to help me. The guy behind the counter was helping a family with a new phone. He was explaining to them that they had 14 days to return the phone. If it didn't work, they could bring it back for one that did. If they brought it back because they didn't like it, or because it didn't match their shoes then there would be a $35.00 restocking fee. When the next representative asked if he could help me I said...

Me:Yes, I bought this phone yesterday and it doesn't match the shoes I'm wearing today so I'd like to return it.

The cell phone guy just looked at me with his jaw hanging. Try as he might, he just couldn't find a response to that so he looked at the other cell phone guy who looked at me and asked what I needed.

Me: Hmm, I bought this phone yesterday and it doesn't match the shoes I'm wearing today so I'd like to return it.

He looked at the family he was helping who was looking at me, then he turned back to me and said.

Cell Phone Guy: Did you just hear what I told these people?

The man he was helping started to laugh and said.... "I think that's why she said it." Note to self, people who work in cell phone stores probably aren't used to dealing with frustrated yet pleasant people. When they realized I was joking (and not totally a nut case) they relaxed. That's when they realized something a lot of people just do not get about me.... I'm really easy to please. Hey! I AM.

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