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Monday, October 17, 2011

Lurking in the Shadows

Last night I grabbed my Mastiff and we headed out for our nightly walk. I had my ear buds in and we were enjoying the wonderful weather.  Sailor is the best walker. I can walk her without a leash and she stays right by my side. I usually walk at night and I feel much safer with my 175lb dog beside me. Last night we were just a few blocks from home when I spotted a couple in their front yard. We continued at our normal pace and proceeded in front of their house. Their two weenie dogs took after Sailor like a pack of hounds. She tucked her tail as far under her body as it would go and made like a Kangaroo, bouncing in circles trying to protect her nether regions from getting a unwanted nip/tuck. The owners of the dogs were running around in circles trying to capture the two little yappers. I tried to continue on in a relaxed manner just like I've seen on The Dog Whisperer. Maybe I'm watching the wrong show, maybe I should be watching the Horse Whisperer instead because my calm assertive
behavior wasn't doing a thing to protect her nether regions nor did it seem to effect the two yappers or their owners. Finally we stopped and they managed to get the yappers under control. Tonight on our walk, the wind was howling and leaves were scattering across the streets. She jumped at every shadow, every blowing leaf. She kept looking back at her nether regions to make sure everything was intact. I'm not sure what good it does me to have a 175lb scardy cat that's afraid of the dark.  She needs to Man UP and quit acting like a purse dog. I may have to start packing pepper spray in order to protect her from the unseen danger lurking in the shadows. What a big chicken!

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