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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Petro Gizmo's & Gadgets

It doesn't happen often, but every now and then our office takes a oilfield field trip. It's nice for the girls in the office to get a chance to see the actual procedures that go into the reports and numbers we post in the computer each month. It's also nice to get out of the office of a while :-) Each year a Petroleum Expo is held in the City.  The engineers usually go and occasionally they will take some of the girls. Until this year I had never been. Whoever goes most often brings me back a pen or a cap. The first year I got a "Save Our Strippers" bumper sticker. I had only worked in the office a couple of months when the bumper sticker was given to me. I figured, but wasn't absolutely certain the sticker had an oilfield meaning and finally I mustered up the courage to ask him about it. I was quickly put at ease when he assured me it was referring to "Stripper Wells" not just strippers in general. Although I would agree with the later... Strippers need saving just as much as non-strippers need saving... All God's children (clothed and unclothed) need God's love.  LOL! This year my ticket came up and I got to go to the Petro Expo along with a couple of guys from the office. It is held at the fair grounds (the same place where Affair of the Heart comes each year), but it is way less frilly than The Affair of the Heart. When we came to the end of the Expo, my boss wanted to know if there was anything I wanted to go back and look at.... Nope, I was good, a little disappointed that they didn't have a shoe department but I guess that's Oilfield for ya. Much to our surprise a picture of us showed up in the Daily Oklahoman. As you can see we are intently interested the new and improved gizmo's and gadgets. It still would have been better if they would have had a shoe section.

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