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Monday, December 8, 2014

Tiny Doses

I greeted my boss this morning with a.... "How bout them Cowboys"  I did not get a response, but his body language said all that needed to be said... So noted.  I went by my old stomping grounds to stir the Bedlam pot. If a Bedlam win doesn't call for some shenanigans, then nothing does. I started the shenanigans at church by posting a "OSU Fan" sign on my former bosses truck. I later received a picture showing me that he had edited my wording. After work today I gifted Choo Choo something that will be given to him tomorrow morning. I'm sure he will be tickled pink (or orange) at my thoughtfulness and generosity. I told my partner in crime that
I had learned that my new co-workers do not respond well to losing Bedlam and having it mentioned to them first thing in the morning. He grinned at me and said... "That didn't slow you down did it?" Oh he knows me so well....  "Well, actually it kinda did." He cocked his head in dismay. He has never known me to back down from a prank or a good jab.  "Well" I explained... "I am pretty new, and they're not quite sure how to take me yet. I hate to go full throttle Jackie on them and totally overwhelm their systems... So yeah, I shut it down. " He nodded and said... "Yeah, better to introduce them to small doses so they can build up some tolerance." EXACTLY! A full dose of Jackie-ism can take a while to get used to... this I know. Look how long it took me to liven up the group of "PPP" (pocket protector people... it's code for Engineer). I've gotten a lot of emails telling me things aren't the same since I left. I imagine they are hinting that the fun factor has taken a nose dive, but they could be saying that things have become nice and quiet but, oh so dull. I'll mind my p's and q's with the new group, and will keep fun Jackie under wraps with tiny
doses of fun thrown in. In time maybe I can dial the fun factor up a notch or two with no harm, no foul. I can do reserved Jackie for a while (I have trouble maintaining her for long).  It may take a while before they meet Jackie unplugged.... From the look I got this morning, it may be a VERY long time. Life is too short to take football so serious and a healthy dose of laughter should be a part of everyone's daily diet.... Plus a good belly laugh burns belly calories (I'm pretty sure that scientific fact is somewhere on the internet so it has to be true). Tis the season to bring joy and cheer to those around you and nothing does the heart good like a genuine smile. Go out there and spread the joy!!!  At least I can say I tried.
Lil Cecil Johnson present and accounted for and working harder than a Choo Choo Train

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