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Friday, December 19, 2014

Cagey Competition

Something fishy
Oh the Poinsettia wars are brutal this year.  I sent an email to the girls asking for "Proof of Life", since it had been a full week since we got them. I got back the pictures and there was something fishy about one.  The one I usually run neck n neck with on who makes it to the wall of shame first... something seemed kind of hinkie. Her message said... "See the big one? In the middle? I found some Poinsettia
This is legit
stimulant drops."  It was fishy, very fishy. I asked where she found the drops and she claimed she couldn't tell since it was a competition. My mind went back to last year. After we were given our Poinsettias, I looked out my office window and saw a flower shop delivering a Poinsettia the size of Pluto.  At first I thought our boss (oh he, the great giver) was getting a healthy dose of Karma. Instead I walked down the hall to find my co-worker standing in stunned silence staring
Same person taking care of these
at the monstrosity. I completely lost it in a fit of unrestrained laughter. When I finally caught my breath, I asked her.... "OMG! Who did this to you?!" She just shook her head in complete dismay and said her husband had sent it because it was their wedding anniversary (oddly, we share the same wedding anniversary).... "I guess he hasn't listened to a word I've said about my luck with Poinsettia!" OMG the look on her face was PRICELESS! I texted her back and said... "Your husband got them again this year for your wedding
This is typical me, maybe above average

anniversary didn't he?" Again she reiterated that it was a competition and she could not disclose such information, but she knew she had been busted and finally sent me a picture of the real Poinsettia that hadn't been prepped for competition with doping. I think next year we'll have to have stricter guidelines. The other co-worker had been roped into Poinsettia sitting since the owner was out until the 1st of the year.... "considering her two choices of co-workers.... she made the logical choice" I told her.  So, the competition has been a little cagey this year which only goes to show you how desperate we are to bring some joy into a workplace where most of the joy has packed up and left or been completely sucked out. I do my part to liven things up even if it's from afar. I may not be with them physically, but I'm with them spiritually and am wishing them, more than anything, peace of mind in the coming new year. I love you guys and thanks for letting me play along with you in the reindeer games.

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