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Sunday, December 14, 2014

One Christmas at a Time Minus One

The Christmas season is here.  I was just thinking about how difficult this year has been... Not just for me, but for countless people I love. I am facing my first Christmas without my mom. My dad is facing the first Christmas without his wife of 57 years. A dear friend of mine is facing the holidays without his wife who was also a dear friend. A former co-worker dreaded the first Christmas without her daughter. The thought of putting up the standard tree embellished with the ornaments she collected over the years was too painful, so she bought a hot pink tree and new ornaments to which she had no connection symbolizing Christmas past. The list goes on and on. My prayers and thoughts go out to each family who will be sitting down to Christmas dinner this year minus one. Christmas will never be the same,. Although it seems like it shouldn't, life goes on.... one Christmas at a time.

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