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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Spoken Perhaps a Tad too Soon

You know how you know certain things about yourself.... Things that are grounded and sure? All women have certain steadfast qualities they know will never change. At one time I had the steadfast knowledge that I wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of crocks. Then a couple of years ago I stumbled upon some sandals that were so comfortable and cute, I just had to have them. When I turned them over... They were crocks! They were different than the crocks I still wouldn't be caught dead in, but crocks nonetheless.  On my first full week of my new job, a co-worker walked past my desk and paused. I had my standard heels on and some typical Jackie outfit. The dress code at work is casual, but I don't do causal well. If I can find any excuse whatsoever to dress up, that's what I'm going to do. This history goes all the way back to my elementary school years. It's a trait I absolutely got from my mother who wouldn't leave the house without being dressed to the nines. I remember when she would come to my daughter's softball games dressed to kill, because she didn't do causal. One reason I don't like to wear anything but heels because I walk like a duck in flats... it isn't attractive. So, she paused at my desk and said... "I give you two weeks and you'll be coming to work with your hair in a ponytail and no makeup."  I didn't even let that sink in for a second because this I know about Jackie-isms...She doesn't do causal... ESPECIALLY ponytails and no make up. My ponytail phobia began with my first prom. I thought proms required an up do which I did. When I opened the door to my handsome date, his face fell like a stack of pancakes. When we were in the car headed to the prom he said... "I was really hoping you would wear your hair down... I like it down." The disappointment on his sad face turned up do's pretty high on my list of do nots. The one exception being last year the day my mother died. I had sat up with her all night long so dad could get some sleep. I listened to every breath she took. The next day, I made it into work for a few hours with my hair in a ponytail topped off with a ball cap. It was a low point for me on many fronts because I was too exhausted to function... BUT I still had my makeup on, because a natural beauty I am not. I can appreciate my co-workers statement, because she is a natural beauty and has youth on her side... must be nice (insert frowny face here).  This weekend I went Christmas shopping and came across some really cute house shoes all blinged out with sequins. I was so exhausted Monday morning, for a split second, yoga pants and house shoes sounded like a trendy thing to try... Then I drank a cup of coffee and came to my senses. I will admit though, that she wasn't completely wrong. I actually did wear a pair of  yogo pants last Friday. One of my co-workers I knew prior to taking the job stopped in her tracks when I walked in. She said to the others.... "Do you know this is the first time I have ever seen her wear pants." I guess she wasn't there the day my mom died. My reply was I was wearing them because I'm allergic to my job... it's causing my butt to break out in fat and the fact that I'm too exhausted to exercise hasn't helped, nor has the fact that we have enough food and snacks to munch on In the kitchen, it looks like we're a bunch of preppers instead of accountants.  I've been there a month and I am full throttle busy every day.  The full throttle is causing me to re-think my quick reply. I may have spoken just a tad too soon about the ponytail sans makeup thing. In fact, I bought another pair of yoga pants this weekend (a girl can't have too many pairs of yoga pants). It is totally  possible I could show up for work on Friday in yoga pants, crocks and blinged out slippers posing as shoes... But in reality it's more probable that monkeys will fly out my butt. Never say never, that's what mom used to say... And yes, I still love my job and think my co-worker's are awesome with or without makeup and ponytail.

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