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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Strong Arm

My boss walked in this afternoon and told us we could go home. That is something you don't have to tell me twice. On the way home I thought about the evening ahead..... What did I want to do?  The one thing that kept coming back to me was... I just wanted to cuddle up close to my man on the couch and enjoy his presence.  I mentioned this morning what a rough year I've had.... It has NOT been fun.  That being said, the one thing that has remained steady, is the constant support I received from the love of my life for 33 years.  Have I taken him for granted???  Oh, you bet!! Am I a rascal???? Oh, he definately has his hands full and then some (if you know me at all you will say AMEN!). But in all the years that we have been together, he has remained my strong arm. He hasn't always made me happy (who could, I'm a woman?), I haven't always been gracious (note the rascal comment above), but in spite of my hormonal mood swings and rollercoaster  emotions, he has remained a constant strong arm of unwavering love and support. I don't live on the crumbs of his affection, I bask in it every day and I am ashamed to say... Yeah, I've taken it for granted... And then came 2010-2014. During those 4 years, not only did he handle me and my TBI with kid gloves and a bussel of patience (I was not an emotionally stable person), but when I told him I was moving in with Mom and Dad to help with Mom's illness, he didn't just wish me well, he moved in right beside me. Not a lot of spouses who would do that. I did not suffer and grieve over my mom's illness alone, he was with me every step of the way.... That my friends is true love and a strong arm. His love hasn't been predicated on my behavior or emotions.... It has been predicated by pure unconditional love and completely in spite of my actions! Sometimes it takes the brutal reality of life to make you see just how good you really have it. He is my strong arm and in those strong arms are exactly where I want to end what has been a VERY difficult year. My wishes for you this year is.... A strong arm.  Be loved!

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