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Thursday, January 1, 2015

the Logistics of Rocco and Luigi

We just finished burying "Big Girl". I buried her with her Christmas Stocking. It was a sad goodbye made more difficult by her size. I will never have another dog that is bigger than me. She was a gentle giant, but giants aren't easy to bury. The tears haven't dried on my cheeks. I'm bundled up in bed trying to thaw out. It took a few hours to dig a grave big enough for a man. Our grief and tears were dried for a spell just from doing such a physical task after a night of no sleep (3 nights for me) and because of the freezing drizzle. When we both collapsed on the couch afterwards, I told him... "I feel so Tony Soprano"  He didn't know who Tony Soprano was so I told him. Grief often takes me to unexpected places.... Or maybe it is just sleep deprivation, but the logistics of those mafia guys burying all those bodies is pretty incredible. Rocco and Luigi must have had some impressive upper body strength. I had "getting back in the groove on my workouts" at the top of my New Year's To Do List, but I really had no intentions of starting it bright and early January 1st.  I'm a procrastinator so I guess God just figured he'd nudge me along. Goodbye Sailor Girl, you are were a wonderful friend and you will be greatly missed.

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