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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Berries in the Briars

The spring like weather drew me back to the woods. The holidays and changing jobs threw me off my game. Too many treats have began complicating getting dressed in the morning. I hate it when my clothes shrink. With winter in full bloom, the woods have taken on that dormant state, but is no less refreshing. This summer as I walked I picked blackberries that grew along the path. My Aunt Doris used to make the best blackberry cobbler. it brought back sweet childhood memories. During my walks, I have to pay close attention to the path. Moles and critters have made tunnels under and along the path. If I don't pay attention, the path will give out beneath me which is a good way to sprain an
ankle. Last night I was dodging holes when the thornes of a blackberry bush snagged me. I pulled the thorns from my arm and kept on trucking. Tonight you would have thought I would have been more careful, but I was deep in thought about a problem I've been mulling over and the exact same bush jumped out and grabbed me again. This time there were more thorns embedded in my arm. On the way home I was thinking of the sweet blackberries and the treacherous thorns. It's hard to imagine a bush bearing such sweet fruit, yet able to rip your arm to shreds with prickly thorns. It reminded of the thing that I've been mulling over and can't figure out. It has brought such sweet fruit over the years, but boy the thornes have a ferocious bite that leave a little trickle of blood that doesn't want to stop.

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