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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walk, Walk, Walking on Broken Glass

Not my feet
Earlier this week during my nightly walk, I noticed it felt like I had a pebble or something in my shoe. Since I was so excited about the cooling weather and how pleasant it was to finally be able to walk outside, I didn't want to pause my walk long enough to get the pebble out and decided to just power through. Maybe I took the term "No pain, no gain" a little too serious. Last night I experienced the same thing, except it felt like a needle was piercing through the ball of my foot with every step. Did I slow down or pause to see what on earth could be causing the problem? Of course I didn't, I needed to go the distance, pick up the speed, make up for the lost walks due to the summer heat. When I finally got home I decided maybe it was time to see what all the throbbing pain was about. When I looked at my foot, nothing appeared to be wrong. I ran my finger across the tender spot and couldn't feel anything, that's when I decided to do some digging around. I grabbed the nail clippers in my night stand and began excising the area of pain... "If it hurts just cut it out and go on." After a few minutes of excavation, kind of like an archaeological dig except on the ball of my foot, I thought I saw something sparkle in the the dim light. Sure enough I pulled out a shard of glass and remembered something about my husband saying to be careful in the kitchen because a glass had gotten broken. My foot didn't hurt as much before the dig as it did afterwards. I was pretty sure that I would wake up this morning with a raging staph infection or a hellaciously swollen foot. To my amazement my foot didn't fall off and it feels nothing like I've been walk, walk, walking on broken glass for several days. And let me just add, I am thrilled the pain wasn't caused by some dull splinter, at least my injury had a tad of bling.

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