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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Beauty of Discovery

At the beginning of the summer, out of the goodness of my heart toward all mankind (and Al Gore), I decided to single handedly fight global warming by purchasing season passes to White Water Bay. Knowing that Murphy's Law is my constant shadow and most often my personal assistant, I was certain that my purchase of a season pass would guarantee the temperatures in Oklahoma would fall short of the record breaking heat from last year. Guess what? It worked!!!! In 2011 Oklahoma had 63 days with temperatures of 100 or greater. So far this year, we have only had 25 days. Y'all are so welcome! I've spent several lazy Saturdays stretched out at the edge of the wave pool, while my husband scopes out unusual tattoos (and probably bikini clad beauties). When he spots an extra special tattoo, he comes to get me and we would stalk the tattoo wearer, so I can see for myself. Yes, we are easily amused.... You may talk among yourselves now. Anyway, my daughter and I love to watch the wee ones as they discover the qualities of water. It's so sweet to watch them hesitantly approach the water with wide eyed fascination. They will begin to explore it, usually with one little finger. I can practically see the wheels turning in their little brains as they try to figure out how it runs through their fingers. They will try to hold it down with their chubby little feet only to find it can't be contained.They will stomp on it and then, the magic of discovering the ... The splash! They will squat down, touch the water with little fingers then wave both hands as fast as they can and to watch the water swirl around with bubbles and waves. Everything is new to the eyes of a wee one. Oh how I've missed getting to watch little ones discovering their world. As an adult, it's easy to become cynical about discovering new things. It's easy to get stuck in a rut and cease to be fascinated by life itself. It's easy to fight any change fearing it will disrupt... I don't know, I guess the boredom we create for ourselves. So, my quest to fight global warming, gave me the opportunity to spend some sweet summer days watching the beauty of discovery through the eyes of many toddlers, and nudged me to do some discovering of myself. God only knows what wonders may lay ahead.

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