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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pimp Your Dad Day

My husband goes shopping for himself once every blue moon... So, that means he's bought himself clothes a total of twice in the 30 years we've been married. Well, maybe more than that but not by much. It could be argued that I shop enough for the both of us and that is an argument that you just won't get out of me because BINGO, you would be so right. Still as I explained to him the other day, a woman likes to see her man mix it up a little in the wardrobe department, doesn't mean you can't wear the same outfit twice (I personally don't care to do it, but each to his own). We have a wedding coming up and his wardrobe was boring me (in the nicest of ways of course). So I urged him (not nagged) to go shopping with the boys and let them style him out, you know kind a like a pimp your dad day. The amount of fun I have shopping is in direct proportion to the number of bags I lug home. Lots of bags, lots of fun. Few bags, low fun factor. When he got home he was luggin some major baggage and I was jumping for joy like I'd just won the shoe lottery. I made him pull out all the new stuff and explain to me how it all went together. I sat on the bed bounced up and down and clapped with glee like a little girl, cause I wanna see my man pimped out in something other than the same ole, same ole sometimes. He is going to be styling and profiling for the wedding. Big kudos to him for being willing to do something that makes me so happy and thanks to the boys for pimping your Dad. You did good!

P.S. I know they are going to scold me for using the word pimp, but I'm used to being scolded and it kinda fits really well with the story so I'm sticking with it.

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