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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Battleship Totally Rocks My World!!!!!!!!!

You know those annoying parents who think their child is the only one to ever hit a home run, make a winning touch down, or star in the school play? I'M ONE OF THOSE!!! Oh, I'm sorry, I'll use my inside voice now but.... I'm one of those parents. We went to see the movie Battleship which my daughter starred in... Well technically she didn't star, star in it, and I guess technically she wasn't actually seen in it, like literally, but then again speaking as one of those parents, SHE SO 
TOTALLY DID.  Okay, I'll back up and start again. While my daughter participated in RIMPAC (an international  naval exercise), they filmed part of the movie Battleship on the ship she was on (USS Sampson DDG 102). When we were watching the movie, a couple of close up shots of her ship came on the screen and I was as proud and excited as if they had flashed a full screen shot of her million watt smile. Every fiber of my being wanted to stand up in the crowded
theater and shout  'THAT'S MY GIRL!" Of course I'm way too shy and subtle to do something like that, but I did clap like a manic sports fan and a couple of "Oh Yea Baby" did escape  my lips. Yep, my parental pride couldn't be stronger right now than if she had written, directed and had the starring role, cause that's just how proud parents are. Go Navy and Go Aja, cause you totally rock my world.

Aja, on one of the many adventures she has taken thanks to the United States Navy, her very own magic carpet to places most people only dream of seeing. I can see her saving the world from an Alien nation. Can't you?

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