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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just Like Old Times, Let the Good Times Roll

When Mike and I first married, the oil boom was in full swing and our little town was enjoying every second of it. We were young, didn't have any kids and enjoyed doing everything and nothing together. One Saturday we went to the Montgomery Ward's Outlet store here in town and found a couple of chocolate  bicycles that perfectly matched our Cedar Shake House.

 Sweetp: Cedar Shake Shingles and Prince Charming

We had the best time on those bikes. He put a milk crate on the back so my poodle Buford could ride with us and we would cruise around town discussing our dreams for the future. Later we would replace the milk crate with child carriers and even later he upgraded to a racing bike for his triathalons. Like a lot of things in life, at some point those old bikes got pushed to the corner of the garage until one day they were hauled out, dusted off and sold in a garage sale. A decision we have regretted ever since. Who would have known it then, but fast forward several year to a couple of years ago when we were visiting my daughter in San Diego, much to our surprise the beaches and sidewalks were full of bikes like our old ones. They were no frills plain old bikes in super cute colors, perfect for an afternoon by the beach. The other day Mike saw an ad on Facebook that a place in town had some for sale. He told me to go take a look at them on my lunch hour (you don't have to tell me twice to go shopping). Sure enough, there they were in sweet colors, no frills just begging to be taken home. I flip flopped on what color he might want, I mean they did have a black one, but gosh the lime green would just go so cute with my hot pink one. When he came to the store to load them in the truck, I asked if he would rather have the black one.... "No, I'm good with the green." He said with a grin (this is exactly why I love this man). Like all Fridays before a long weekend, the afternoon dragged by. I just couldn't wait to get off, run get a wicker basket and get on my bike.
I was so excited (Who says I'm not easily amused?)! Finally after airing the tires, strapping on the basket and installing warning lights on mine (do you even need to ask why?), we were ready to get rolling. We pushed the bikes through the basement to the driveway, and I thought mine seemed a little hard to push, I thought the chain might need some grease or something but he assured me it didn't so we hopped on and took off.  We had made it a whole block away when I began to fear maybe I hadn't been working out enough and  asked if we could pull over so he could take a picture of me on my new bike.... (and maybe run a EKG on me while we're at it). We rode for several blocks with him ahead of me, while I'm lagging behind thinking to myself.... "Dang! Those artificial hips of his must really work." Because frankly I was sucking air. I was pumping my legs as hard as I  could yet I just didn't seem to be going anywhere. I thought to myself.... "No wonder the kids today are so out of shape, they have gears, this old school stuff is for the birds." Finally I begged to go home and when we pulled into the driveway  I said.... "Geeze, gears really would come in handy." He came over to take a look at my bike and no wonder.... The tire was rubbing against the frame barely allowing the wheel to spin at all, much less freely.  He adjusted the seat, fixed the wheel and Oh my gosh, What a difference a little tweaking will do. We took another spin around the hood riding side by side. We laughed and chatted just like the good ole days. I think I'll packing a lunch in the wicker basket and ride to the park for a picnic. I'm super pumped that I don't need artifical hips to keep up with my Bionic Man,  but I do think I may need some pink streamers for the handlebars. That would just be sweet! Let the good times roll.

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