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Monday, May 14, 2012

The One

I've had a wonderfully busy weekend. It was full of college graduation events with my future Daughter-in-law, her family and friends. As I sat in the audience of graduation it was hard to hold back tears. I've noticed through the years that whomever my children love, be it a girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, teacher or boss, I seem to
get swept up in their affection and love them as well. I think that's just a Mom thing where you can't help but love those who pour into your child in a positive way. Later at a party with their friends, I looked around at all the beautiful people (that would make a great title to a song). My son has a great (and big) group of beautiful friends. Across the room I watched a table full of them as they laughed, joked and hugged. In the back yard my son sat with others and strummed his guitar as they sang. The street out front was lined with cars which
really isn't out of the norm even on a non-party night. The tiny house was busting at the seams as parents and friends celebrated endings and new beginnings. There were a lot of special people who have graced his life over the last few years, but across the crowed room... There was the one.

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