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Friday, May 25, 2012

I Have Solved Global Warming

So the other day I was telling my husband about a great idea I had. I told him we really should get season passes to White Water Bay in OKC and I laid out my reasoning for doing so.... A) We could chill in the pool and get a great tan, B) See the kids all the time during the summer C)Go to great concerts at Frontier City D)If we had season passes, we wouldn't feel like we needed to get there first thing in the morning and stay until close, cause.... We could just come back... Whenever we wanted. He was agreeing with me on all points, but I couldn't leave well enough alone, I just had to keep talking.

Me- The downside to all of this is Murphy's Law is my shadow

Mike- Murphy's Law is your shadow???

Me- Yeah, if we get season passes, it guarantees everyone in the state of Oklahoma that we will have a very cool, wet summer, completely different than last year and we really won't get to use the passes much, but we'd also be helping, like everybody.

Mike- So, what you're saying is you can single handedly solve global warming by purchasing a season pass to Whit Water?

Me- That is exactly what I'm saying, which is exactly why we should do it and save everybody. We should, we should do it for all of mankind and Polar Bears.

Take that Al Gore! Problem solved, Oklahoma and Polar Bears, you are so welcome :-) Happy Memorial Day Ya'll!

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