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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trophy Wife

You know how some people just have the "Midas Touch"? Have you ever met someone you referred to as "The Golden Child"? I would not be one of those people. Although blessed in more ways than I can count, I wouldn't exactly call myself lucky. I'm more of a "Murphy's Law" kinda chick..... You know the one... Just a few fries short of a happy meal.... So close yet so far away. Some people are waiting for "Their Ship To Come In", my ship has actually come in several times only to sink right off of the horizon leaving me to wonder if it was a mirage or if I should throw my life jacket on to save the sinking thing. I'm the one whose lottery ticket (if I actually would buy one) would be just one number off. Actually, it sounds like me to put the actual winning ticket someplace where "I would know where it was" only to forget exactly where that remote spot might be at the exact moment I was suppose to claim my fortune. You get the picture. That's why I was stunned to turn around the other day to find my boss (you know the one who lost the golf tournament) standing behind me with a golf trophy with my name on it. I was so surprised that I actually... well, was a little repelled by the sight and kind of leaned back waiting for the thing to explode or something. I just knew the thing was booby trapped. Then I noticed something.... His smile wasn't really big like it should be if this were a joke and I could see his jaw muscle twitch a little as he held it out for me to take, meaning he was having some difficulty pulling off the whole "I'm happy for you" routine. That's when I realized... It was real! I actually have my win written in stone!!!! How cool it that? After blubbering around for a couple of seconds I shot off an email to my husband to tell him the fabulous news.... I GOT A TROPHY!!! His reply was... well it was so sweet. He said... "Great! Now you're a trophy wife. Well, actually you've always been a trophy wife but now you have the hardware to prove it." Am I crazy or was that not just the sweetest thing.I warned you I was a few fries short.....

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