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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Go ye!!!!

If a Momma with mostly grown kids and no grand kids can't brag about her kids,  then what the heck is she suppose to do? So if you don't like boasting Mommas,  now is the time you hit the escape button. Having been raised with both feet planted firmly on the ground, and mainly in one spot, I have tremendous amount of admiration for those with enough courage to venture out of their comfort zone. I guess I was always afraid that I would disappear in a puff of smoke if my steps weren't ordered and approved of by..... hmmm, well others around me. So the fact that my two oldest children spend their lives going to places far and wide makes me terribly proud. I am so thankful  they did not inherit my fear gene. My Daughter who serves in the US Navy, just returned from deployment and is now participating in REMPAC someplace in the Pacific Ocean. My Son and his best friend just returned from a mission trip to Kenya where they got to "hang" with the Masai Warriors among other things. Christ left us with a commission to witness to the world and that is just what my Son and his friend did. After hearing their testimony, a Masai chief, who the missionaries had been witnessing to for some time, finally gave up and committed his heart to Christ. What a blessing!!!!! Hearing tales like that makes me want to put my fear aside, pick up my spear (now that's a scary thought!) and GO YE!!

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