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Monday, July 12, 2010


So very many questions rumbling around my heart. The when, the why, the how did it start. Where do I go for the answers I need? To the cross? Is there room for one such as me? Will this be what remains of the person I was? Will I recover the one, the who I once was? Where are you now that I need you the most? Where have you gone? When did you leave me alone?  Where is that voice I heard in the dark? Where is the light, the spark in my heart? 

I don't understand how I got here from there. I don't really know when my heart ceased to care. There has to be a place or a time, where the path took a turn and I walked this way blind. What were the obstacles that blocked my clear sight? Why was I walking alone in the night? Here I stand suspended in space, searching for Him who once took my place. I know He is there, just out of my reach, but what is the barrier that keeps Him from me. I never 

imagined I'd find myself here. So far from where I started, from everything held dear. But continue to question and seek till I find, the one whom apparently I left far behind. And hopefully soon I will find that safe place and see that sweet smile on his all caring face.

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  1. it's good knowing that late in the night you can read Blogs like this.