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Friday, July 9, 2010

Penny For Your Thoughts

Fortunately.... Or maybe unfortunately (depending on which way the current is running), you never really have to drag my thoughts out of me. There aren't a lot of things that I'm afraid of sharing with people.... I'm not saying that is a good thing and don't think for a second that honesty sets well with others. I think people are so used to being disingenuous that most people actually expect it to be the rule instead of the exception. I am a firm believer that it is actually possible to be honest without being cruel. I believe you can be honest without being hateful or mean. Disagreeing with someone is never an excuse just to be rude. I used to tell my kids, anger, fear as well as joy and love are all emotions God created for us to enjoy. The trick is being able to harness the negative feelings and to learn to express them in a positive way. Yes! I believe it is possible to express negative feelings in a positive way.... But hey, I'm just weird like that. What I really don't understand is when someone gives you the opportunity to express your thoughts but pretty much prefaces it with "But what you say isn't going to make a bit of difference in this situation." I'm just stubborn enough to express my feeling anyway knowing full well that when they tell me they will give me a penny for my thoughts, I'm still coming away empty handed.

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