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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sinking Ships & Minor Blips

A few years ago I enrolled in a kickboxing class. I loved it!!! I would get up early and go before work or go in the evenings when I got off work. Sometimes I would do both. It was a great way to detox from the stress of work. Just beating the heck out of a bag, felt good.... ya know. My daughter who is currently participating in RIMPAC (Naval exercises with other countries), recently emailed me and said they had just finished a SINKEX(sink exercise). The object of the game was to haul a retired Naval ship out in the middle of the ocean and for the destroyer to "Hit it with everything they've got."

Apparently sinking ships has the same effect with my daughter as kickboxing does on me. She described with enthusiasm the rush she got watching the missles being shot off. Standing mid-deck she said they were instantly in a cloud of smoke and gases.... "Rocket exhaust can't really be that bad for you can it?" Whether it's kickboxing or sinking ships, there's always something we can do to tame the minor blips that life throws our way.

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