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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This Old House, It's Just The Beginning

My husband and I have always loved old houses..... More so several years ago before we owned one. LOL! Not really, we still love old houses, love their character, love the stories behind them. Someone told me once that I should write about some of our old house adventures, so I guess I will. A few months after my youngest was born, we were.... of all things, at a Tupperware party (seems safe enough... right?). Some friends of ours had been looking for a home and had looked at one that we always called The Castle House because of the tall eaves and just the shape of the house. Since we were newly married, it had been on our regular nightly walking route. One evening when we were walking by we saw an old lady walking into the house. My husband whispered "We should ask her if we could see inside." Our friends were telling of looking at the house and said "Oh you guys should just go by and look at it, you would love it." We enjoyed the house we were living in, had done a lot to it, and had just had baby # 3.  Needless to say we weren't in the house market. We were however, always game for an   up close and personal look at any old house we could get into. So, one rainy Sunday afternoon we called up the realtor and asked if it were possible for us to take a look. Sure... Not a problem. When we got to the house, the realtor got out of the car and introduced herself. She explained that the realtor we had spoken to was unable to make the appointment and she had requested someone else show us the house. Come to find out, the appointment had been passed on to every realtor in the agency until it landed in the lap of this rookie, who they decided wouldn't mind going out on a inconvenient call. Mrs. Black had just gotten her real estate license and jumped at the opportunity to make a sale.  We were starting to feel a little guilty because we both knew we were there just out of curiosity, so we decided to fess up. Our confession didn't faze her at all. As she opened the front door she explained to us that the house had been on the market for over a year, and although there hadn't been any nibbles, it was the most frequently shown house in our town due to it's unique architecture and age. She added that the other realitors were tired of wasting their time on the curious, that's why they passed it on to her. To say that it was love at first sight would be an understatement. We took one step over the threshold and felt like we had stepped back in time. Unlike many homes built in the 1920's, this one had been untouched with inappropiate updates... In fact for the most part there had been no updates at all. The fireplace mantal was built of rock and of all things.... it had two round turrets on each side, each with little window panes which allowed the light from within the hollow towers to glow.... Just like a real castle. Beneath the golden carpet lay the original oak floor with mahogony inlays. The original mahogony molding had remained untouched as did the 1920 light fixtures. It goes without saying that it was in need of some work. We thanked Mrs. Black profusely, got in our car and drove to our comfy little cottage. Little did we know, our living arrangements were about to take a drastic change.

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