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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The One Who Sees

Really the words were few, but the pain was oh, so deep. I looked into her eyes and I knew.... "She doesn't get it!" "She doesn't see the pain, she doesn't see the hurt!" And at that very moment and time I truly felt that not only did she not get it.... She didn't care. "Well.... Squish me like a bug!!!" That's what I thought, as I lay in bed starring up at the ceiling. Right then a small still voice whispered in my ear.... "No, you're right... She doesn't get it.... She doesn't understand.... It's not hers to get." Like a gentle breeze blowing across my heart the voice said... "It's mine, it's all mine." As my mind began to settle the voice said "The pain, the disappointment, the tears you've shed over the loss of something so dear.... It's all mine."
"I'm the one who cares, I'm the one who sees, and I'm the one that will share your burden." It's true! So many of the things I wish those around me could understand is completely lost on them.But the one who knit me together in my Mother's womb.... Nothing is lost on him. I am his, he is mine and when it all washes out, that's all that really matters. That's not only good news for me, but good news to those around me, because how can I hold someone to standards that can only be filled by Christ? Whew!! At least I know I'm in good hands.

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