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Friday, August 6, 2010

Could Be Worse, Could Be Hot Wings @ Hooters

The heat index is 116+ today.... Yay! That's summer in Oklahoma for you. I come home to find 3 teenage boys in my bathroom huddled around the sink. Now just speaking from personal experience with other teenage boys.... This might need a little investigation. So in my best stern Momma voice I inquire "Hey, whatya'll (yes that is one word, I'm from Oklahoma) doin in there?!" The 3 bleach blond heads (heads only, no eyes could be seen on any of them) pop out the bathroom door. "We're flat ironing our hair." This was something I just had to see. I walk in and inspect their efforts only to inform them..... "Ya'll are doin it allll wrong!" They look a little defeated so I said... "Here, let me show you how to really do it right." During the remainder of my lunch hour I taught 3 teenage boys the technique of flat ironing your hair and the importance of having the right "product" available to give it that finishing touch. I"m almost done when I ask my Son if he's "Going for a particular look?" He tells me yeah, there's this band guy whose hair he really likes. With just a few minute left I tell him to run downstairs and google the guy so I can figure out what needs to be done. Technology truly is a pretty cool thing. So I see what we're going for... I do a little touch up, and he's ready to go. Personally, I would much rather him go for one of the Jonas Brother's look, but if he wants to go around town looking like a throw back to the Beatles early years then who am I to judge. It could be worse.... He could be smokin dope and eatin hot wings at Hooters behind my back... (Side note: Yes, eatin hot wings at Hooters is one of my top 10 things you don't let your Mom know you're doing list..... You know who you are out there, I'm watching you !)

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