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Monday, August 30, 2010

Blueberry Pancakes and Just Me

I've always been pretty bad about spending time alone. If I go shopping or go see a movie and my husband can't go, I usually grab a friend for companionship. This is a little quirk I've been trying to tame. I think it stems from a fear that something bad will happen and I'll be by myself. Who knows but it's something I'm trying to conquer. Yesterday I had a shopping trip to the City planned with a good friend. At the last moment she couldn't make it so my first reaction was to stay home, my second reaction was to call someone else, my third reaction was.... "Go shopping by yourself silly. Have fun! You won't be on any time schedule but your own." So I kissed my husband goodbye and headed north. When I got to the City I was starving and blueberry pancakes sounded so good. Now shopping by myself is one thing, but eating in a restaurant is totally different, or so I though. It's something I've only done twice before.So I found an IHOP, waited to be seated. Did people look at me weird? I wouldn't know, I was too busy reading my book. I got a table quickly, got my order quickly and was out of there in no time with a belly full of blueberry pancakes. After a delicious breakfast and a full day of shopping I realized something..... I'm pretty good company.

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