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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Treasures on Earth

I had an invitation last night to visit a friend who just found out she has breast cancer.  It was the end of a long week and typically I might have turned down the invite just because I was tired.  But in light of the new diagnosis I thought twice about missing the opportunity to cuddle up on her couch and do some heart to heart "girl talk", especially after she threw in the phrase  (jokingly) "No pressure if you don't want to come.... even though I do have cancer". 

It was a wonderful evening. We chatted about everything and nothing at all. We laughed and talked about what she is facing in the coming weeks and months.  I do not believe she is going to die from this cancer, but it does make me think about the choices I make. What if I had missed the opportunity to bask in her wisdom, laugh at her jokes and just relax with her like you do a good book on a rainy day?  What would I have gained had I chosen to be too tired?

Friendship is one of the most precious treasures we are allowed on earth. Friendships are not a dime a dozen, they are not easy to maintain and if for some reason you lose one it will leave an undeniable whole in your soul. Few things in life will add more texture, color and joy than the comfort of a friend. Every second you spend maintaining a friendship that can last a lifetime is worth every ounce of love you put into it, and the rewards will be like golden nuggets of pure sunshine in what can be a very dark and lonely world. How about your friendship? Have they been buried? You might want to dig them up, dust them off and put them back in the place they belong..... your heart.

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