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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Full Meltdown Mode!!

Yesterday was an absolutely horrible day. For one it's been a few days since I got an email from my daughter and the last one I got said they were taking her to the carrier to be checked out and they found out she had kidney stones (for 4 weeks). Then in addition to being worried sick about her I fought with the insurance company all day long about medication the hospital said my husband absolutely had to have to prevent blood clotting. They wanted me to just go ahead and pay for it out of pocket while they determined if they would pay for it and till they could get it mailed to us. That particular medicine cost over $5000.00. The doctors office told me to come to the office and they would give me a 10 day supply and I found that out with just enough time to make the drive (1.5 hr) before they closed. The stress, lack of sleep and everything came together to create the perfect total meltdown that resulted in me crying myself to sleep only to wake up this morning with puffy eyes and my sinuses feeling like they have every intention of exploding. The good news is, I got an email from my daughter and she passed the stone/stones. Her kidneys were very sore and stressed so the doctor gave her something to calm them down. She already feels better and may get to do some sightseeing in the beautiful place they have pulled into.

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