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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Matter Of Prospective

Not long ago I was walking my English Mastiff (Sailor) along the quiet sidewalks of our neighborhood. Sailor weighs approximately 150+ lbs. and stands about hip high. I've gotten used to her size and actually she doesn't seem that big to me, but she attracts a lot of attention on our walks. People are always stopping to ask what kind of dog she is and how much she weights. She is a real sweetie and still thinks she is a lap dog. I kid you not that I have several bruises from her trying to lay in mommas lap. I like taking walks with her because someone hopefully would think twice about messing with a woman walking 150lb dog. She makes me feel a little more safe. So, the other day we are sauntering down the sidewalk past a house that has a little dog that maybe weighed 7lbs soaking wet. It was a yapper. The yapper boldly walked to the edge of the yard and began protesting our presence in his territory. The owners eyes popped open when she looked up and saw the size of dog her dog was scolding. She quickly grabbed it's collar to move it back to a safer distance. What she didn't see was my 150lb dog tuck her tail between her legs and begin to coward away from what she thought was a threat to her safety. I had to laugh out loud that Sailor was afraid of a dog that she could completely hide inside her mouth. Fear in the face of life's threats is something I sometimes lose prospective on. Sometimes my immediate response to a threat is to tuck my tail and run, forgetting that I am not just anyone, I am The King's Kid. My daddy has an army of angels surrounding me. Most of the things that come my way are usually nothing more than a yapper, nipping at my heals, more of an annoyance than a threat. But sometimes my problems seem to loom above me like a dark overpowering cloud making me feel small and insignificant. God never meant for me to feel this way, he wants me to feel the power of his blood and his name pumping through my veins. I'm not just a conqueror, I'm more than a conqueror. My security in the face of danger isn't dependent only on who I am, but whose I am... a fact I need to keep in prospective.

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