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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Never Give Up!!!

Last night our family went to see a friend of ours play college football. Boy, was that a good game. The weather was perfect for football.  The game rocked along with our team in the lead until 24 seconds left in the game.  Against all odds the opposing team scored a touchdown putting them ahead of us by 2 points!!! With just seconds left in the game our team took the ball and quickly marched it down the field to about the 40. With ONE SECOND left of the clock we kicked a field goal and won by an amazing one point!!!! Geeze, that is hard on the blood pressure.  After the game, the coach praised the team for never giving up.  Made me think of how many times I've come so close to a personal goal only to quit when all seem hopeless.  How many last minute victories have I failed to see because I had packed up and gone home with seconds left in my game?  Next time I feel like giving up I'll remember the game with one second left and a team that didn't give up.

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